Peso Ferb wants to stand out

Part of Bytown Blog’s mission is promoting the artists in this vibrant city of Ottawa. We don’t pick specific sides, we try to represent all sides of the city. One of the hardest working true OGs of the rap game in Ottawa is Peso Ferb, a man that truly stands out:

Bytown Blog: What got you into music? Any inspirations?

Peso Ferb: Making a song from scratch is like an artist making a drawing from scratch. So I really fell in love with the creative side of music, that’s what really made me gravitate towards making music.

BTB: How has your work evolved over time?

PF: Over time I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with how I was sounding, so hearing the process and public feedback really helped me find my sound.

BTB: What are your future goals and aspirations

PF: I am currently working on a few things, I have my clothing brand, record label and so many other ideas. Hopefully this my team and I make it to the top along with my music.

BTB: What is your favorite song and/or album?

PF: My favorite album of all time is “Rolling Papers” by Wiz Khalifa! He inspired me a lot

Be sure to check out Peso Ferb’s most recent music video and Instagram for all updates on this talented artist.


Heavy K has a passion for music

Y’all missed our artist spotlight? We did too! Today we are switching it up by featuring up coming DJ and future superstar Kevin Nitcheu (aka Heavy K) about his story.

Bytown Blog: What inspired you to become an artist?

Heavy K: As I first got into the rave scene I was always fascinated by the music being played. Then I thought it would be fun to learn how to DJ and share that passion with others. I’ve also been playing the piano since I was 4 years old so music has always been big in my life.

BTB: How has your work evolved over time?

At first, when covid happened I was mostly DJing in my bedroom. I would mostly play Dubstep. As I gained more confidence in myself I started DJing at different parties that my friends were organizing for a year and a half.

I started mixing for Ottawa Shufflers back in 2021 where I found my love for Bass House. I’ve started playing actual shows this year at different venues and have been booked for more shows this summer.

BTB: What are your future goals and aspirations?

My future goals are to grow as a DJ, being more present in the rave community and connecting with other artists. One day I want to release my own music.

Bonus BTB Question: What is your favorite song/album?

When it comes to bass house, there’s this song called “Over” by Cooky that I’ve been listening to everyday for months! He’s probably my favorite bass house producer at the moment.

Check out Heavy K on IG and support his journey as a DJ.


Neon Nights event preview! The best rave in Ottawa?!?!

As we prepare of another event, happening on June 10th, Bytown Blog asks the question…will this be the best rave in Ottawa? Very simple answer. Hell yes! Neon Nights is a collaboration event between Bytown Blog (BTB) and Ottawa Shufflers Community (OSC). BTB founder Big Steppa approached OSC with the idea of hosting our first official rave, with the rise of Electronic Dance Music and the growing popularity of OSC it was a natural collab. Here is what (and who) to expect at this show:

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Metro Metro was the perfect start to summer 2022

Last week in Montreal the 2nd annual Metro Metro hip hop festival took place at Stade Olympique (4545 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave). A big time concert with many A-List hip hop acts. It was the perfect start to summer 2022 but it had some issues. Here is our review of Metro Metro 2022:

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Best chicken sandwich in the city? – No Forks Given (review)

No Forks Given is a new-ish dive bar in Sandy Hill, so it’s surprising when they have the best chicken sandwich in Ottawa. Here is our review of this spot at 191 Somerset Street East.

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Da BTB Show (vol. 2) event review

Written by: Frank B

For the past year now, The Bytown Blog has been hosting local music and poetry shows that highlight the local Black cultural scene and Friday, April 1st was no different. If you care about Black culture in the city, Da BTB Show (vol 2) hosted by the Bytown Blog at the Avant Garde Bar (135 Besserer street) was the place to be last Friday! The show started around 10pm and all the familiar faces, such as Alexie behind the counter serving refreshing drinks, were there. 

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Energyy brings a new ENERGY to OT with “Jungle Rules” – EP review

When new artists arrive on the hip hop scene they often mimic other artists, and that makes sense because we are always influenced by others. Creating a different sound is hard and nearly impossible in today’s generation. Today we review Energyy‘s mixtape “Jungle Rules” a Travis Scott inspired tape by an emerging artist in Ottawa.

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LJ is making boss moves

Today we profile local artist and entrepreneur The LJ as he discusses his hunger to be more than an artist His story is inspirational and worth an artist profile, maybe he can inspire you.

Tap in with him on IG and Spotify.

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The top 5 Underground Hip Hop Acts on the rise

Written by: Frank B (contributor)

We are currently witnessing one of the greatest hip hop eras ever,  and that is partly due to the creative nature of the underground artists in hip hop right now. In my opinion, I would say the authenticity is back. From the heartfelt bars, sonically updated gritty production, grimy stories over soul samples, and the drum-less loops. The heart of Hip-Hop is back in full circle, with a sprinkle of contemporary sound. Such is the influence and strength of this new underground wave, that it has already assimilated itself into mainstream hip hop. This impact can be gauged through underground rappers being heavily featured on most top ten rappers of year lists; the meteoric rise of Griselda (and Griselda Records expanding as a label and signing the likes of Rome Streetz, Boldy James and co); Benny the Butcher signing a 1.5 million dollars Def Jam Records deal, being the creator of both the NBA draft anthem and NFL team Buffalo Bills anthem; Conway and Westside Gunn being featured on Ye’s Donda album; Conway being one of the few artists to get a Hov feature; rappers such as Ransom and Mach Hommy being topics of discussion on prominent media houses such as the Complex show Brackets; and Freddie Gibbs and Alchemist’s album Alfredo being nominated for a Grammy in 2020. Some could even argue that we don’t get an amazing song like Champagne Poetry on Drake’s latest effort Certified Lover Boy, or CLB as its popularly referred to by Drake stans, without the incredible drumless loops Roc Marciano has been giving us for over a decade. This is certainly one of the most exciting trends in hip hop right now, and in this article, The Bytown Blog is going to reveal five underground artists that are shaking tables right now: 

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Réginald is creating for the community

A major part of black history month is highlighting positive images of black people, especially within our city. Today we highlight Réginald Gracia, the president of Hero Pro Painters an up and coming painting business in Ottawa. Check out his story and support local.

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Veracity – EP review

R&B is a great genre of music that rarely gets the shine it deserves, especially modern R&B. Yes, it isn’t the golden era (90s and early 2000s) but there are some great artists putting out quality music. Truly K delivers her debut EP “Veracity” which offers a similar sound to modern R&B but stands out. Here is our review of the tape.

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3 Ottawa podcasts you should check out!!!

As Bytown Blog grows with our multi-media platforms we want to introduce our official podcast by our founder, The Big Broadcast ! A lighthearted entertainment Pod based on the City of Ottawa, current events in black culture, sports and politics. Be sure to check us out wherever you find podcasts. But also check out these 3 fresh creative Ottawa-based podcasts that follow the ethos of our platform. 

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Reggie Cash Jr is Poppin’

Ottawa is a small big town, it is known as a city of many neighborhoods and local legends…one of them is Reggie Cash Jr. From doing skits on Youtube like “Ottawa people be like…” and recent viral Tik Toks, this man has done it all!!! Bytown blog decided to give him a holla and find out why is Reggie poppin’? Who is the man behind the comedy? Who is the real man behind the Instagram Reels? Read ahead to find out.

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Coming 2 America was…disappointing at best

Guess what? Another sequel fails to live up to the original, who would have thought. This was not a good movie but for reasons you would not expect. Here is the good, the bad and the final take.

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Martin Luther King…and Ottawa?

Strange title….I know but let’s get into it. Today is Martin Luther King day and the Mayor of Ottawa released a statement about MLK day, I didn’t read it because Jim Watson has been inconsistent about MLK’s core message. Civil rights for oppressed black people, and as a black man in Ottawa, it feels disingenuous. But what is the real connection with MLK and Ottawa? As our city grows we have to recognize that Dr. King’s vision is becoming a reality, we are incredibly multi-cultural especially our young people. Ottawa is the nations capital and it makes me happy to see the rise of black people in such a powerful city. If King was alive he would be proud of the progress being achieved…but he also would be disappointed.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was lukewarm

The movie we’ve all been waiting for…Black Panther: Wakanda Forever finally came out last friday!!! With the success of the first Black Panther and the death of Chadwick Boseman, the hype made sense. But did it live up to the anticipation? Yes and No.

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