Reggie Cash Jr is Poppin’

Ottawa is a small big town, it is known as a city of many neighborhoods and local legends…one of them is Reggie Cash Jr. From doing skits on Youtube like “Ottawa people be like…” and recent viral Tik Toks, this man has done it all!!! Bytown blog decided to give him a holla and find out why is Reggie poppin’? Who is the man behind the comedy? Who is the real man behind the Instagram Reels? Read ahead to find out.

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Dune is the MOVIE to watch

Dune Dune Dune, a franchise of epic proportions, finally revamped after 30 years since the original movie aired in 1984. The movie was a cinematic adaptation of the famous novels by Frank Herbert. (Interesting fact, Dune was one the best selling science-fiction novels of all time!) As such, it brings up this question: Does Dune 2021 directed by the Canadian legend Dennis Villeneuve live up to the hype? In short, yes it does. To find out why, continue reading this review!

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Coming 2 America was…disappointing at best

Guess what? Another sequel fails to live up to the original, who would have thought. This was not a good movie but for reasons you would not expect. Here is the good, the bad and the final take.

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Martin Luther King…and Ottawa?

Strange title….I know but let’s get into it. Today is Martin Luther King day and the Mayor of Ottawa released a statement about MLK day, I didn’t read it because Jim Watson has been inconsistent about MLK’s core message. Civil rights for oppressed black people, and as a black man in Ottawa, it feels disingenuous. But what is the real connection with MLK and Ottawa? As our city grows we have to recognize that Dr. King’s vision is becoming a reality, we are incredibly multi-cultural especially our young people. Ottawa is the nations capital and it makes me happy to see the rise of black people in such a powerful city. If King was alive he would be proud of the progress being achieved…but he also would be disappointed.

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Elle Spina is thinking outside the box!

As Ottawa’s music scene grows, often times we focus on hip hop but the R&B scene is growing. Elle Spina is one of the talented new comers in this scene. As she prepares for her first single in 2 years named “Series Finale” here is our artist profile of this multi-talented songstress.

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Black folks and Ontario jab mandates

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches to new lengths and new variants are discovered, we have to ask ourselves: how does this affect Black people? And more specifically, Black people in Ottawa. There has been a lot of speculation suggesting  that Black people are hesitant about taking the vaccine.

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6 Ottawa Creatives You Should Be Paying Attention To

By Bernie Gracieuse

Ottawa is commonly given the reputation for being a ‘boring government city’, and we have heard it many times. However, in the last couple of years we have seen many creatives excelling in their craft and bringing positive attention to the city. Here is a list of six creatives (from all various mediums) that I have been following for a few years now: 

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Artist Profile: Kazi

One of the hottest new rappers in the city is undoubtedly Kazi, a unique sound in Ottawa. What stands out about Kazi is his ability to connect with wider audiences and even international viewers. He has fans in Rwanda!!! As he prepares for his debut EP “A Trappers Park Story” we decided to give him an artist profile, here it is, enjoy.

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Keep it moving – EP review

Steph Lyon ends off 2021 with a triumphant EP called “Keep It Moving”. A Ottawa rapper with influences from Europe, Keep It Moving is unique like most Ottawa artists but provides songs and beats that are reminiscent of Brooklyn Drill or UK Grime. Here is the good, the bad and the finale take:

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