Atari is a tragedy

Last week me and some friends decided to go to Atari, a restaurant/gaming bar in the Byward Market at the intersection of Dalhousie street. I was expecting a lot based on social media and the popularity of this spot but…i was disappointed. 

  1. Food

Unlike El Camino and some other spots I’ve reviewed in the past, Atari was different. Some may call it a higher quality restaurant but that doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. Long story short, it was not worth the price. Below is a picture of my salmon, which took up less than half my plate, this would be fine if it didn’t cost 35$ PLUS TAX! Why am I eating a straight up gas payment and it barely fits half my plate? It’s like a pretty lady with 0 personality. Disappointing.

  1. Drinks

Normally I have a value section here but to put it plain and simple, it wasn’t worth the pay. The only highlight were the drinks, the cocktails were great. I got the Blueberry Henessy, it was smooth and came with an interesting skull head jar with smoke and a mixed Henny drink. This drink was worth every penny! My friends also had a few cocktails on the menu and they LOVED it. Atari makes great drinks, that’s straight facts. 

  1. Customer Service

Because of Patio season and this pandemic we were seated in a corner at the back, the top floor is where I wanted to be but since I came late I didn’t have that privilege. Our server was good but my only issue was where our host had us sit, we sat near the end of the restaurant and next to a garbage bin. Flies were everywhere, it was one of the most annoying food experiences I’ve ever had. 

Final Review: 4.5/10

Unless someone invites me there to pop bottles (and they’re paying) or someone invites me to have cocktails or beers you won’t see me at Atari. Y’all can miss me with that B.S. save your coin for other places, like my next review…Lowertown Brewery

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