Blue Cactus is THE SPOT

As you know, I’ve reviewed a lot of places in the Byward Market, some are great and some are trash but for now, the best spot in the Market is clearly Blue Cactus. Here’s why:

  1. Food

This is one of the few low lights at Blue Cactus, they’re not known for having the best food. But keep in mind this is a bar, their focus is drinks and that’s what they do best. When I went there last night I had their Poke Bowl (20$), my first ever. It was great! The mix of raw salmon and avocado stood out because it gave the bowl a mushy flavorful taste. It could have used some spice but overall it the presentation and taste was good, it was filling yet light at the same time. You don’t feel bloated after eating it. My only critique is that there was way too many green peas which are hard to pick up with chop sticks. I’d also recommend y’all try their fajitas, very popular and worth the price. Here’s a picture of the Poke Bowl:

2. The Drinks

This is why I’d name Blue Cactus the best spot in the Market, why? Because of the 10$ triples (that’s 3 shots for 10$ TAKE THAT IN!). I had a rum and coke but the vodka cranberry is popular too. Before the pandemic Cactus had a DJ on friday and saturday night. This was perfect because the culture of OT is bar and pre-drink vibes our city is not a club or party town, nah. Our city is Blue Cactus. Another drink I’d recommend are the Mojitos, amazing and worth every penny. If you have 40$ to spend you can get blasted on good drinks and good vibes.

3. Customer Service

This is another highlight, the staff is small due to this pandemic but they are friendly and usually quick. Yesterday our drinks took a while to reach our table because we had one server on the floor but usually there’s more.

Final Score9/10

Overall I highly recommend y’all try out Blue Cactus, a great spot for good vibes and great drinks on a budget.

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