Court side Karen, LeBron and Ottawa?

Yes the title is strange, but for those who are unaware there was a rowdy white woman (Court side Karen) that was kicked out of a basketball game for disrespecting LeBron James during a Los Angles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks game. She claimed to be defending her husband who has a deep hatred for LeBron. Yes this meme came to mind:

Not because the cat is from Ottawa (facts) but because Ottawa is a majority white city and we have a ton of Karen’s. As we celebrate black history month lets make this a teachable moment, Bytown Blog is black owned and operated, we don’t support or condone ignorant entitled Karen’s or their male counterparts. This woman was rude and disrespectful so she got kicked out of the game, and that’s the message we want to share…do not tolerate disrespectful behavior and stand up for yourself, like LeBron did and the NBA officials that decided to eject this Karen.

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