Black History Month…is not enough

Here at Bytown Blog we talk about Ottawa, we cover food, culture and news in the city from a black lens. Yes our city is multi-cultural and prominently white but our goal is to build bridges instead of fences, bringing the city together. Black History Month is important to us, but at the same time we realize that it isn’t enough for our black brothers and sisters. Yes, it’s great to celebrate the Black Canadian experience but we have to realize that it is not just one month to reflect on such things, we have to be conscious of this year-round.

One great Kanye West quote comes to mind “I make black history every day, I don’t need a month”! No, that wasn’t from a song it was from a Def Poetry Slam in the early 2000s. Bytown Blog is not about uplifting black people for a month, no we plan to do this year-round! Yes, we are proud of black history month but we know that is not enough, because black folks are more than 28 or 29 days in a year. Here at Bytown Blog we got ya 24/7, 365!

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