“I Care A Lot” was…chilling

Remember “The Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix? What if it wasn’t a comic book movie but about a pretty, narcissistic, smart woman who will stop at nothing to get money and revenge? It wouldn’t be called Joker, it would be called “I Care A Lot”. Here’s the good, bad and final take.

The Good

One of the most original movies I’ve seen in a long time, I Care A Lot, flips the script on thrillers and drama films. It’s not something you see often because it explores themes that NEVER get addressed. Yes, we love comic book movies, yes we love Stephen King movie adaptations but we haven’t seen this. Some may compare it to Gone Girl because of Rosamund Pike’s character, Marla, being similar but this one is more insane. The director (J Blakeson) did a masterful job of pacing this film and having us, the viewer, question ourselves throughout the movie. I was emotionally invested. Marla is an anti-hero and borderline villain which…ironically…made me cared a lot. The acting by her and Peter Dinklidge made this movie absolutely amazing.

The Bad

I CARE A LOT, Rosamund Pike, 2020. ph: Seacia Pavao / © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

The ending was very very disappointing, 3 quarters of this movie was masterful but the last 20 minutes felt…forced. Why? Because based on Marla and Roman’s character it did not make sense. There is a message of Karma that also felt strange because that was a rare theme.

The Final Take

This film tackles elder abuse, nursing homes, toxic femininity, capitalism, greed, violence, medical malpractice, corruption, lesbianism, revenge, gang warfare, family and karma. What else do you need? Watch this movie today.


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