Why DMX mattered…

When Dark Man X passed away on friday April 9th 2021 the world froze…and it didn’t freeze in happiness…no it was a sad cold. The saddest type where the world realized what we lost, a great man. Not just a great artist…or rapper…or actor…no, a great man. Sadly in our society we focus on the worst things FIRST…this is why after Earl Simmons died, there was a quick call to cancel him for homophobic lyrics. Why? Because our society is backwards, another great reason DMX mattered, he was different. He was reminiscent of the past, the 90s and early 2000s when things were more authentic. Where being different was praised and being brave was rewarded.

DMX mattered because of the man he was, if you quickly search DMX on twitter you will read countless tweets about his heart and love for the fans. A tormented soul that was fighting since age 7, listen to “Slipping” and you’ll hear the pain of a black man that has been fighting since he was a child. But that child became a man with countless accolades and what stands out the most…was that his journey…ended prematurely. DMX mattered to his 15 children, his finance, his baby mothers, his mother, his friends, his fans and to you and me. In an era where hip hop artists die from drug addiction, gang violence and incarceration…for a man to impact music like X you have to show respect.

DMX mattered…and he always will.

R.I.P. Dark Man X

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