Promising Young Woman…was…shocking

As someone who is a fan of thrillers and comedy I was recommended “Promising Young Woman” by one of Bytown Blog’s supporters. This film is a story of Cassie who is on a revenge plot to avenge the rape and death of her former best friend Nina. With dark humor and a shocking ending, this is a film that will keep most viewers on the edge of their seat couch.

The Good

One of the highlights of this film was the soundtrack, it was phenomenal. You could feel the emotions of Cassie as she progresses through her plot. The story telling was major draw of this film, within the first 20 minutes you think you know where the story is going. But 2 or 3 twists near the 3rd act make you shocked. This ain’t no Coming 2 America, nope, this ain’t another dumb remake…this is an original piece. Lavern Cox, Alison Brie and Chris Lowell do an amazing job in their respective roles as funny, charming and fucked up characters.

The Bad

Maybe because I’m a man or the story felt more like a sermon than a piece of entertainment…but I HATED Cassie. She is a character that has very few redeeming qualities and is a clear anti-hero…similar to Arthur Flick in Joker but with less charm. You end up feeling sorry for her, then slowly realize…this woman is messed up! Yes her mission is noble and great but she is a terrible person. I wish the director/writer explored her mental health, she was suicidal and severely depressed, two themes that were ignored. Most women will relate to this film but as a male viewer it was disappointing that they didn’t explore her personal trauma. Nina felt like a crutch for her own failures. Some of the acting in this film was disappointing…Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham seem very very awkward as leads.

The Final Take

Again…the plot of this movie is amazing. For that alone, this movie is a must watch but other parts are very cringe and would make most audiences uncomfortable. The twist at the end makes it worth those awkward moments, this felt a lot like 13 Reasons Why but with grown adults and a great sound track.


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