Mortal Kombat was a fun ride that needs a sequel!

Let’s keep it real…we ain’t watching Shakespeare, this film is not getting an Oscar or Golden Globe but guess what? Mortal Kombat was the fun ride that fans expected it to be, some major highs and a few lows make this movie a must watch for most audiences.

The Good

Action, Action and more non stop Action. This was essentially John Wick but with more blood and video game characters from a classic franchise. From the first 5 minutes to the last 3, we have unhinged violence and action. Instead of trying to make the fights realistic or the plot make perfect sense, the director decided…lets have fun! The final fight scene between Sub-Zero and Scorpion is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Kano’s character lifts the entire movie with humor and a surprisingly good character arch.

The Bad

The acting was terrible, everyone was disappointing except for Josh Lawson as Kano and Hiroyuki Sanada as Hanzo Hasashi. Some of the plot points make you wonder….”why didn’t he/she do this earlier” ? And the lack of consistent character development, yes Cole Young and Sub-Zero have a good story but I wish it was explored a more like Kano. Near the middle of the film it dips a little bit where the action is subdued and the fights are less intense. This was disappointing after a great start and fantastic finish.

The Final Take

This movie needs a sequel, audiences will absolutely love it! In the era of Fast and Furious 9s and endless remakes of classic action movies (why are we getting “Top Gun 2”) Mortal Kombat proves to be a fantastic movie. Yes, it is a remake but one of the surprising hits of the spring/summer season.


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