Godzilla vs Kong was not what we wanted…

Two giant monsters fighting each other in a not so distant future seems like a great idea on paper but the execution is trash! Yes the trailer is epic but when you watch this two hour and thirsty minute film the keeps doing the most for no reason…you realize…nah this ain’t it!

The Good

The Fight scenes between Godzilla and Kong are absolutely amazing! Near the end they introduce a new “Titan” who also delivers an EPIC fight scene, one of the best I’ve ever seen. The new powers and background story of Kong are also very very impressive, I love seeing his story expanded much like Godzilla’s story was analyzed in King of Monsters.

The Bad

The acting in this film was absolutely pathetic. Not because the actors are bad, it is because the writers are weak. At times the audience is left wondering…”what the hell is going on” ? This is not the actors fault…this is clearly the writers fault…they did not put enough material for the actors to work with. For example Brian Tyree Henry’s character Bernie Hayes had so much potential and he was diminished to being a comedic relief and he wasn’t funny. Millie Bobby Brown’s character Madison was also wasted because she was reduced to being a fan girl with no connection to the plot. Even Kong was looped in a story line that was confusing and strange. Yes, we love a good background story but let’s make it make sense! Do these films have to make perfect sense? No, but they can at least try to stay in the realm of reality, the writers took extensive stretches that made this plot annoying. And finally…the sound track was very very forgettable and predictable. At times this was a Jaws level sound track but then it flipped to a Lord of the Rings fantasy epic sound. This film felt confused and did not understand the assignment.

The Final Take

This film should have been many things but it chose to be trash. Why is Mortal Kombat one of my favorite action movies this year? Because it knows exactly what time it is…it knows that it is a dumb non stop action movie…sadly Godzilla vs Kong kept doing TOO much. Weak acting, weak script and forgettable moments mixed with fun violent action scenes with two titans.


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