Back to Brooklyn is a fresh and new taste to the market

Back to Brooklyn is a new-ish spot in the Byward Market that has been open since 2018, and due to the stay in order it is closed for indoor dining. This is a review of the restaurant when it was open in summer/fall 2020.

1. Food

Since this restaurant specializes in drinks and the menu was changing I ordered a Steak sandwich with a salad on the side. The sandwich was regular and dry but the Caesar salad was great. This was a low score for Brooklyn and lowered the rating in a major way.

2. Drinks

One of the highlights of this place, I ordered a Brooklyn Sunset which was a unique blend of tequila and lime…yes it sounds regular but it was not! Along with some Belgian Moon, the drinks felt upscale and mixed very very well. Cold and refreshing are the first things that come to mind while enjoying the cocktail.

3. Service

The biggest W for Brooklyn is the service, being seated quickly, attentive waitress, great ambience and a clean environment. This is why B2B is unique because the Byward Market is not known for having this type of energy.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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