Why Biggie Smalls Matters

In hip hop culture we always have this debate, Biggie versus Tupac who was the greatest. This debate can go on until the end of time but for me (and a lot of fans) Biggie Smalls was the greatest MC to grace the mic but 2Pac was a better artist. The difference being…an MC is a Master of Ceremonies and a pure artist on the microphone. Biggie Smalls was that guy. The Notorious B.I.G. mattered because of what he meant for hip hop, for Brooklyn, for New York, for the East Coast and the current culture.

He would have been 49 years old today, but sadly he lost his life in Los Angles at 25 years old. Big mattered to all hip hop fans because he was the underdog that became the top dog. A fat, darkskin, jamaican, drug dealer from a violent city took over the rap game from free styling on the street to performing in stadiums. Big mattered because he was unconventional and became the standard to rate current rappers. Big mattered yesterday, today and tomorrow.

RIP Big!

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