J. Cole joining the Basketball Africa League was GENIUS

We’re in an era of pro-blackness and it is beautiful to watch, this is how I imagined that the 1960’s civil rights era felt but with less overt violence and racism. But unlike the 1960’s black people are more divided than ever, based on arbitrary colonial lines, skin color, gender roles and relationships. There are exceptions to the rule and one of those is J. Cole. A man that decided to walk the walk and not just talk. J. Cole playing for the Rwanda Patriots in the Basketball Africa League was a phenomenal, even for the 3 games he played.

We are often pushed towards advocating, retweeting, sharing and liking social issues but rarely do we see individuals do the work. Cole could have kept his Hoop dreams focused on the NBA, but he decided to go into uncharted territory. He decided to join an unknown league for a little nation of 10 million people in the heart of Africa. He decided to be pro-black and pan-African in a generation that cares about Instagram likes and celebrity press releases. He decided to be the change he wants to see in the world and spotlight the motherland.

Guess what happens next? Advertisers, Investors, Entertainers and Hoopers have their eyes on the B.A.L. why? Because a millionaire rapper from North Carolina decided to take the road less traveled and that makes all the difference.

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