Does Ottawa having a shooting problem?

4 people have been killed from shootings since wednesday in Ottawa and it’s starting to look like a trend. Ottawa is not a violent city. Do we have a dark underworld? Yes. Do we have guns here? Yes. Do we have gang warfare here? Yes. Do we have a drug trafficking problem? Yes. But one thing we can confirm is that this city is peaceful. Ottawa does not have a shooting problem, it has a poverty problem.

These shootings were among black men who are probably in the drug selling game, unfortunately in that trade there is gun violence. Why do black men chose to sell drugs? To make money, fast money. Ottawa has a homeless shelter issue compounded with a dirty police department, it is the perfect mix for drug dealing. Losing 4 men to gun violence is pathetic no matter where you live, this is not a shooting problem in Ottawa…it is a poverty crisis in the Nation’s Capital.

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