Logan won…and Floyd won too

Yesterday we watched an exhibition that should not be sanctioned, we watched a welterweight versus a cruiser weight, a YouTuber versus the greatest boxer of all time and a multi millionaire tik toker versus a borderline billionaire retired 44 year old athlete. Welcome to 2021. Logan Paul won the fight because it was impossible for him to lose, Floyd is supposed to land more punches, Floyd is supposed to knock him out, Floyd is supposed to embarrass the 26 year old internet star but that didn’t happen. Logan was not supposed to last 8 full rounds, this was supposed to be a clinical performance for TBE but it wasn’t.

This is why we have to give Logan Paul some respect, he used his size to clinch and hug his way into 8 full rounds. By round 4 and 5 this man was gassed and ready to get knocked out. Salute to this man’s trainer for forcing him to clinch so that he can catch his breath. What we watched was a sparring session on Pay Per View between two guys that should not fight. Before the fight Floyd said that he is in a lose-lose situation. He could have let his hands go and knock out Logan but that would be unfair so he decided to keep the fight going. From a pure boxing standpoint…Floyd won but looking at optics and projections…Logan won.

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