Yes, Soulja Boy won the Versuz

If we’re being honest…Versuz is not just about the music. Versuz is an entertainment event…much like the Jack Paul/Logan Paul “boxing” events are not about the sport of boxing. No, Versuz is about entertainment and once you look at it with that lens, you’ll realize quickly that Soulja Boy aka Big Draco won his Versuz against Bow Wow.

Draco won with his charisma, his shtick of being the “first rapper” and resurrecting Young Money by playing Nicki Minaj and Drake endlessly. We all knew that Bow Wow has better songs, we all know he is the better artist but by the end of the show, after bringing up Romeo and DJ Akademiks in the background…it’s hard to say Draco lost. Soulja is the first rapper to play the same song 3 times. Soulja is the first rapper to get washed and still win. Soulja is the first rapper to end the night with a Rick and Morty song.

And that is why he won.

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