Artist profile: LuvHertz

As Bytown Blog expands we want to big up the city we love, 613, nation’s capital. One of the best ways to honor our city is by highlighting the talent in this area…here is the first of many artist profiles. Feel free to donate to the blog click here , your support means a lot to us and the movement 🙂

  1. What got you into music? Any inspirations?

LuvHertz: I’d say music came from within, I never had the conscious thought “I want to make music” before I started. It always seemed to come out naturally from beat boxing as a yute to writing random bars that would pop up in my head. I never actually took it serious and put my heart into it until some of my genuine bredren showed belief in my potential. Big shouts out to all my real ones, you know who you are!!!

2. How do you describe yourself as an artist?

As far as inspiration goes there’s too many great artists to mention, I look up to a lot and they helped me build my sound. I believe it comes from the same source of the giants shoulders I strive to stand upon. The unknown known subjectivity floating around the ether, the same energies that hit Telsa, Kanye, Einstein, MF Doom and all the greats. Strong intentions open channels and affirmative actions.

3. Your favorite and least favorite song/mixtape?

Very hard question so I’ll speak on more recent projects. I loved “Whole Lotta Red” from the jump unlike those bandwagon haters who showed love weeks after they downed the project. Energies on it were too kahhhhh some real raging bangers that spark my spirit to want to wild out and break shit. Ski mask just dropped some heavy bangers and that shit was fye too. My favorite project so far would be “Call Me If You Get Lost” it’s greatness speaks for itself, album of the summer for me so far! For my least favorite project dropped recently, I’d have to say J Cole’s “Off Season”. None of the tracks were bad but I found most of them were “good” with a few that slapped. Over all the flow of the project in my opinion felt awkward and I’m a fan of Cole. His last shit he made before was made in 2 weeks and it was harder (K.O.D.) and I hope Off Season isn’t his last project.

4. Any heat coming soon?

Yezirskiii Burning Monologues bout to set the roof off your head tops on fye, make your brain cells bop in the midst of it’s flames. The gas and oxygen been loaded. Now it’s just a timing ting to spark that fye.

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