Otago was very very good

On my trip to Montreal I did not pack food, and yes that meant that I spent a lot of money on food. I don’t visit Montreal often so I decided to eat at a restaurant attached to my hotel…Otago, a bistro that is located inside of Hotel Ruby Foos one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Montreal. Here is my review:

  1. Food

One of the major highlights of Otago was the food, I ordered a 12 ounce Steak with salad on the side. With some salt, pepper and a little ketchup (yes try it!) It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. The flavor and size of the steak made it delicious. My main critique was the lack of salt and overall dryness of the steak. My friend had fettuccine alfredo and it was great but his only critique was the lack of noodles.

2. Drinks

Personally I like beer with steak, so I chose a Stella Artois while my friend got a cocktail. The prices were fair, nothing major to report.

3. Service

One of the highlights of Otago was the service, since we are still in a pandemic the hotel has reduced capacity, the restaurant was empty. Our service was quick, friendly and accurate…all the things you want and expect at a bistro.

Final Score: 9.2/10

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