Space Jam: A New Legacy was better than expected

Yes, we all heard the rumors…Space Jam 2 was trash…but according to who? The hypercritical critics that wanted a copy cat version of the 90s classic? The hoop fans that are really Michael Jordan fans who have a deep hatred for LeBron? What about the general public? What about the children? What about the boys? Here is an honest review of the sequel to the 1996 cult classic.

The Good

Full disclosure, I’m a LeBron James fan and this review will be bias because King James is my second favorite player of all time. This is a perfect film for LeBron fans because it is basically one hour and 30 minutes of LBJ d-riding with some self deprecating humor. The best parts of this film were the scenes with LeBron and his son Dom, especially in the 3rd act near the end. Yes, King James is not a great actor…some may say he was terrible but when he is talking to his son it feels authentic. The special effects in this movie stand out as well especially compared to most modern animated films…I can realistically see this movie getting an Oscar for animation. And last but not least…the final basketball game especially the second half was absolutely classic especially the plot twist with the villain Al-G Rhythm played by Don Cheadle.

The Bad

This film’s entire plot is confusing and rushed…I blame the director and the writers. Some may praise the acting of Don Cheadle but his character had 0 development and felt like a waste considering how great he could have been. None of the actors in this film were good or convincing, at times I felt like LeBron’s real children should have been in the film. The first hour of this movie was confusing and felt forced, even the humor was weak compared to the original. In one scene they mentioned Kevin Hart and I was mad…not because Hart is bad but because Hart would have been PERFECT for this movie. It felt like the production team invested in graphics and animation more than talent. Nope I don’t want Ernie Johnson and Lil Rel giving commentary…where’s Shaq? Where’s Charles Barkley? Where’s Kenny Smith? I’d be cool with Jalen Rose or a Shannon Sharpe cameo…but nah. Let’s spend millions on 3D cartoons that nobody watches or cares about anymore.

The Final Take

Clearly this ain’t Space Jam 1996, and why should it be? Why must we recycle classics, why not make original movies? I know why…money and nostalgia. With all the misses in this flick it still delivers an entertaining product and a valuable flick for fans of LeBron, fatherhood, basketball and the Looney Tunes. Which leads to the final question…was this better than the original Space Jam? No. But it was damn close.


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