Artist Profile: Harry Blazng

Today we profile Harry Blazing, an artist from the East side of Ottawa who puts a unique taste in the Ottawa atmosphere. Follow him on Instagram and Check out his sound cloud. If you enjoy this content feel free to donate to the movement right here 🙂 any amount is appreciated.

  1. What got you into music? Any inspirations?

I guess you can say I’ve always been into music, I used to sing in my church and elementary school choir. I got into secular music when I was in my early teens. I always enjoyed listening to Take 6, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp when it came to gospel. Lil Wayne, Kanye, Drake and Wiz Khalifa were major inspiration then I had to go back in time to learn about the history of hip hop. I started rocking with 2 Pac, Warren G, The Fugees, etc. You can’t forget R&B; T-Pain, Chris Brown and Usher really had an impact on me artistically. I also became more open to sounds and can honestly say there is a plethora of genres I listen to. I even had a little phase where I listened to Green Day and Simple Plan.

2. How do you describe yourself as an artist?

Hmm…I would say (this is not a real word but the best way I can describe it) I’m a “Moodist” which means one day I can talk about the plight we face as people of darker complexion. But, I could also be talking some ignorant stuff, like getting inebriated with my friends, having fun, going to the club and meeting women. At the end of the day it comes from the heart.

3. Your favorite and least favorite song/mixtape ?

Too many good/great songs for me to pick one. But the song I’m repeating the most right now is Versace K – Big Baby ft GRINCHN’4$ and Big Yaya.

My least favorite song is SASARAF – Lil Wayne. He was my favorite rapper at the time and after he released that I really had to accept that he fell off.

Bonus: Any heat coming soon?

Yeeee got a lot of cool stuff lined up. Hopefully by next year y’all can see how versatile Harry Blazng can be.

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