Fast & Furious 9 was…whack asf…

We rarely say this…and it’s even more rare when it comes to a Fast and Furious movie but this was not a good movie. Straight up…it was not. It had some highlights and plenty of low lights…so here is the review of Fast 9.

The Good

Action scenes and Roman…that’s it and that’s all. Fast 9 made audiences realize how great Too Fast Too Furious was…Fast 2 was absolutely amazing because of the dynamic between Brian and Roman and it felt fake when Roman and Tej tried to make it happen. The action scenes in this movie were absolutely amazing and they rival most Marvel movies. The comedy and 4th wall level self-reflection was a surprise in this sh*t movie…it was like seeing your favorite cousin at a terrible concert. One of the best scenes was near the end when Roman and Tej were in a weird situation and Roman called it out…this tells me that the writers were aware of how INSANE this movie was.

The Bad

Where do we start? The acting? The fake drama? The stupid stunts? The weird plot? The weak character development? The China d-riding? The waste of great storytelling? The useless flashbacks? The lack of Paul Walker acknowledgement? Nope. We will start the the obvious…this movie should have been 95-99% action and 1-5% drama but for some reason the producers and director wanted to be “deep”. This is a serious about fast cars, sexy women, action and male relationships. What did Fast 9 focus on? Family. Why? Why focus on Family when this serious was NEVER ABOUT THAT?!?! Why waste your audiences time on useless dramatic scenes from actors who are literally wrestlers? Why waste your audiences time on useless family scenes when most of the movie is unrealistic action scenes? Why?

The Final Take

Bytown blog focuses on positive energy and the overall empowerment of black people with a strong focus on black men. Unfortunately this review is a harsh critique of what could have been great but ended up being trash. When Hobbs and Shaw surpasses the mainline franchise…there is a problem. Why did we love John Wick? Because it stuck to action and said “fuck a plot” and that is what we wanted…a straight action movie from start to finish. They did this in Fast 5 but sadly this was not the case for Fast 9. This movie is a streaming rental at best.


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