Artist Profile: IC-Art

Another day, another artist profile and today we cover IC-Art an artist from the eastside of Ottawa. Check him out on Soundcloud and Instagram, also don’t forget to support the blog by donating here 🙂 We appreciate y’all.

  1. What got you into music? Any inspirations?

What got me into music was watching Wiz Khalifa Day Today vlogs and seeing how he was able to create and perform in front of a crowd and how you can create a crazy experience. I decided “ayy I wanna live like that too”. Kanye West, Drake and Big Sean also helped push me to that realization.

2. How do you describe yourself as an artist

I’m a happy go-lucky goof that seems to always see the silver lining in everything and I love making people feel included. Even with my music, I have a little something for everybody and you may not like all of it but you’ll find something that you fuck with.

3. Your favorite and least favorite song/mixtape?

My favorite project right now is Big Sean’s Detroit 2, man that album is just beautiful and an ode to his city. It inspires me to do something similar for mine. Least favorite is Chance The Rapper’s The Big Day, I love Chance and I love that he made the album about his wife but it was lacking a lot of elements that made me love him back in the mixtape days. Hopefully the next one get’s back to his roots.

Bonus: Any heat coming up?

Yes! I’ve been dropping a song a month since January of this year, the next single “Are you down” featuring the amazing Blikebrett is dropping the 30th of July everywhere!!! Make sure y’all blast that!

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