The Suicide Squad was EXACTLY what we wanted

Yes we all watched the first Suicide Squad…and yes some of you guys hated it…not me. The first Suicide Squad was a great film with questionable character development and a weird plot but The Suicide Squad is exactly what wider audiences wanted and it is a hit!

The Good

Action and Comedy are two genres that work, since the days of Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy to modern classics like Iron Man and most of the Marvel series…this movie stands out. James Gunn writes a script that is insanely sharp, witty and gory. Yes this movie has a lot of violence and blood, it is absolutely disgusting and audiences will love it! The first Deadpool is the closest example to the level of comedy and action that was displayed. John Cena as Peacemaker and Sylvester Stallon as King Shark take over this movie and stand out in ways you can’t imagine. The final act of this film has to be a study on action sequences and comedy, a seamless blend that makes you question…were the Marvel movies THAT good? Guardians of the Galaxy could have been better?

The Bad

Harley Quinn was extremely underdeveloped and her scenes felt forced, maybe because she was featured in both films and had her own solo flick (Birds of Prey) but she held the plot instead of advancing it. Some scenes in this feature were extremely forced, and it felt like Fast 9…trying too hard to be serious. This is a movie about anti-villains who kill people and have fun doing it…why flip the script? Why become sentimental when 2 minutes ago King Shark was eating someone’s head? Why?

The Final Take

This movie is fantastic and should be watched by comic book fans and wide audiences who want a fun summer flick. This is what Fast 9 should have been and exactly what comic book movies should become…we are sick and tired of the same cookie cutter films. James Gunn created a funny action movie that will leave audiences wanting more.


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