Ottawa Police prove that they STILL racially profile!!!

Popular Ottawa rapper TwoTiime was shooting a video for “Did A Lot” a good track which was shot in the west end of the city. Like most rap videos it had his crew and of course it was black boys/men. Ottawa (and Canada in general) has this misguided opinion that we are in a racial utopia, a melting pot of racial diversity and inclusion. In practice, black people know that this is a lie. In practice, native people know this is a lie. In practice, most immigrants know that this is a lie.

TwoTiime and his posse were approached and harassed by 6 police cruisers because they suspected someone in their crew of having a gun. Nobody had a gun. If you’re a crew of black boys/men dressed in a certain way or expressing hip hop culture you are the enemy. Let’s call a spade a spade, this was racial profiling and discrimination because they are young black men and this is the Ottawa Police Department.

This article would be too long if we enumerated the amount of racial profiling and discrimination the OPD has been accused of…but I will end it off like this…Ottawa is NOT what it presents itself. We are marketed and advertised amazingly but the reality is that this city is full of racist (or extremely ignorant) police who will racially profile a young artist that is trying to end the cycle of poverty in his community. Bytown Blog will be the voice for the TwoTiime’s of the world and any black male/female that has ever felt harassed or racially profiled by OPD.

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