Artist Profile: Pe$o Ferb

Bytown blog is here to represent the city, with a large emphasis on the east side. Th artist profile covers Pe$o Ferb who recently opened his record label Green Melon Records. Check him out on Youtube, Instagram and his label. They are signing new Ottawa based artists. Your support matters, you are the engine that keeps us moving, donate to Bytown blog here 🙂 ! Introducing…east side OG Pe$o Ferb:

Bytown: What got you into music? Any inspirations?

Pe$o: I really started making music a year after I graduated back in 2012 right after my soccer injury ! Wiz Khalifa has also been an inspiration from time.

How do you describe yourself as an artist

I am definitely a versatile energetic type of artist, anything you throw at me I’ll execute! Moral of the story is I’m hungry to win at all times.

Your favorite and least favorite song/mixtape

My favorite mixtape is Kush and Orange Juice from Wiz Khalifa and I don’t have a least favorite song/mixtape.

Bonus: Any heat coming soon?

Got a mixtape coming out by mid August, be on the look out ! This one is gonna be hot!

Your support is appreciated, we support the city and y’all are the reason we keep going ! Donate here and let’s grow together 🙂

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