Beyond Van Gogh was…overrated

The weekend is upon us and most of you are interested in going out for the last few weekends of summer, most people from Ottawa have heard of the Van Gogh exhibition at Landsdown park. But was it good? Bad? Nope, it was neither…it was over hyped…here’s why:

The Good

It was an experience for sure, the lights, the writing, the paintings (of course) and the overall atmosphere was fantastic. Even the music and ambiance was great, it definitely made me understand Van Gogh better than ever. The overall look and design of the exhibition was great and a perfect photo opportunity for photography enthusiasts.

The Bad

It was overpriced, point blank period. For two adults to enjoy this experience it costs 82$ for an hour of sight seeing…the National Art Gallery offers a similar experience for free on thursday evenings. Is the value worth the price? Absolutely not. On top of that, you would expect a full immersive experience that is not limited by time…but there is a one hour limit.

The Final Take

Yes, this show is perfect for a date night, a art enthusiast, kids who love painting and even fans of photography but if you want something fun to do before the end of summer…I’d suggest you rent a canoe. It is over-priced, over-hyped and over-rated.


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