Artist Profile – WLFKT

One of the best things about the “Artist profile” series is seeing and learning about unique artists in the city…today we profile WLFKT (WolfKat). A different voice but one that HAS to be profiled. Check him out on IG, Apple Music and feel free to support the blog by donating here. Any amount is appreciated 🙂

Bytown Blog: What got you into music? Any inspirations?

WLFKT: I loved listening to the radio as a child and hearing all the new songs. In particular I loved “Fly” by Sugar Ray and “Like a bird” by Nelly Furtado, but my love for music began when my mother gave a copy of Will Smith’s “Big Willy Style” album. Men In Black was just out in theatres at the time and I knew every word for the accompanying song, so naturally when I got the album I listened to it over and over again. Whenever I heard his songs, I was fascinated with the way he used his words to weave stories of different emotions. Maybe a year or two later I got my hands on “Marshall Mathers’ LP” and I remember being blown away by how he inter-weaved his words. I thought it was amazing and wanted to do it myself.

Fast forward a few years later, Drake’s “Comback Season” mixtape was released and watching Drake combine singing and rapping eventually open the door for so other people who wanted to rap but didn’t fit the conventional rapper mold (which I felt at the time). I wrote my first song at 16 and showed it to my friends who all approved and decided to perform it on stage and the performance was well received so I decided I’d continue and I never stopped since then.

The fact that they were all so different and still able to create stories with so much heart and emotion was something I loved. To this day the translation of emotions through words and matching them to a rhythm and flow continues to capture my heart. My love for music was first sparked by artists like these and many more, but it is my family and friends who continue to inspire me.

How do you describe yourself as an artist?

My artistry is unexplainable in the sense that I don’t fit into any checklist of what you might imagine a rapper to be. My goal is to create a sound and poetry that illustrates the human experience. The good, the bad and the random. To simply, I simply just love music. Everything included, the listening and the creation aspect.

Any heat coming soon?

I actually just wrapped up my EP titled LYKOI which was produced fully by Yung Heat with features from Drayad Rose and Kiente. LYKOI will be dropped along with a merch collaboration with FleeNormality in August so I’m pumped and can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on.

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