bEastside POST-SHOW review

As some of you know, Bytown Blog celebrated it’s first official event…the bEastside show!!! A showcase of rap artists from the east of Ottawa hosted by Big Baby J aka Big Steppa aka JL in collaboration with Lightskin Liv. This show was great because it was able to display the Urban acts of the east and give newer artists the opportunity to present their talents to a small intimate audience.

The Good

  • Packed sold out crowd: One of the biggest wins of this event was the audience…it was packed and full of friends, family and supporters
  • Energy: The pure energy from some artists was infectious and had the crowd wildin out! Specifically from Boozie, Nino and IC-Art.
  • Soulful: This show felt intimate and soulful especially when Harry Blazng took the stage with the Afro-Beats inspired track “Backazz”.
  • Unique: With a cool intro and unique music LuvHertz performed a setlist of songs that gave this event a unique flavor.

The Bad

  • Police: Unfortunately Ottawa police is…Ottawa Police and their presence made the 90% black audience uncomfortable.
  • The transitions between performers could have been better
  • Crowd interaction: The crowd was quiet at times…maybe due to the Police but the crowd work could have been better.

The Final Take

For a first time show, Bytown Blog and the team surrounding it…did a great job. Nothing and nobody is perfect but this was a great start to something special. Stay tuned for future events by Bytown Blog 😉

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