The Best Show In the City

Last night ByTown Blog presented our second music event, Da Bytown Blog Show, volume 1 at Avant-Guard Bar located at 135 Besserer Street. It was a packed sold out show full of fans, spectators, supporters, artists, journalists, photographers, video-graphers and everything in between. Yes, this blog post is bias because it was our show but here are some quick notes from what we can describe as the best show in the city!

  • Energetic Crowd

From Energyy to IC-Art, the crowd was MOVING!!! From the 11pm start time until 1am close, the crowd was buzzing, at times you could see the sweat coming from from the fans. Everyone was jumping, waving, dancing and having the time of their life!

  • A Diverse Mix

One thing that stood out in this show was the diversity, not only from the crowd but from the performers. With the Island/Afro-beats inspired songs from Harry Blazng to the Hype energetic flow of Pe$o Ferb there was something for everybody. The event was promoted as a hip hop event but there was amazing singing from Karim Reslan and poetry from the host Big Steppa. Patrons were treated to the beautiful layers of Ottawa.

  • Inclusive and Motivational

One of the saddest things about the city of Ottawa is the lack of support and genuine love from the people. Not last night! With artists from different backgrounds and different styles with different fans, it was an inclusive and motivational show. It was a genuine display of love and support!

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