Dune is the MOVIE to watch

Dune Dune Dune, a franchise of epic proportions, finally revamped after 30 years since the original movie aired in 1984. The movie was a cinematic adaptation of the famous novels by Frank Herbert. (Interesting fact, Dune was one the best selling science-fiction novels of all time!) As such, it brings up this question: Does Dune 2021 directed by the Canadian legend Dennis Villeneuve live up to the hype? In short, yes it does. To find out why, continue reading this review!

The Good

Cinematography–that’s the word of the day. Google defines cinematography as “the art and craft of making motion pictures by capturing a story visually”, and Villeneuve showcases that effortlessly through this body of work. This movie was absolutely epic from the first scene to the very last sequence. As a spectator, you feel like you are watching something MAJOR, which is fantastic. This film is not a Star Wars ripoff, or a lame version of Mad Max, hell nah! This movie is simply glorious. Even from the details in the costume design, it makes you realize that the film possesses both medieval and futuristic qualities at the same time. Think about Lord of the Rings with a mixture of spaceships–yeah, it’s that cool.  

The Game of Thrones aspect within this movie is very apparent through the character development, especially with Timothee Chalamet who plays Paul Atreides. This film is marketed as a story revolving around Paul, but in reality it is an ensemble performance with Oscar Issac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Stella Skarsgard, Jason Mamoa and Zendaya pulling off great performances. Even Dave Bautista plays a great Glossu Rabban, even though he had maybe 4 or 5 lines in total throughout the entire film. Above everything, Stellan Skarsgard delivers the best performance as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Bautista stole every scene in the film, proving to be a fantastic villain.  

The Bad

In my honest opinion, this movie felt incomplete. And yes, I know that there are two parts, but it felt extremely dry. The best example of a movie with two parts, but felt complete on both ends was Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. Both of these movies could stand tall as standalone films, but Dune cannot. The Dune series has 5 books, each containing very complex themes, characters, and subjects. In a way, it makes sense for this movie to serve as a teaser. However, when half of the movie is filled with flashbacks and/or flashforwards, with Paul hyperventilating every 10 minutes, you are bound to get bored.

At times, the action came in late while some of the scenes dragged on. All I am saying is that if Villeneuve had cut this film by a max of 30 minutes, it would have been a masterpiece. 

The Final Take

All in all, go watch this movie today! Toss aside my review and watch it before making quick assumptions, for It is one of the few epics we have in our modern world of pandemic cinema. A film which does not involve superheroes or even comic book characters. Dune was original, sumptuous and absolutely palatial!


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