Keep it moving – EP review

Steph Lyon ends off 2021 with a triumphant EP called “Keep It Moving”. A Ottawa rapper with influences from Europe, Keep It Moving is unique like most Ottawa artists but provides songs and beats that are reminiscent of Brooklyn Drill or UK Grime. Here is the good, the bad and the finale take:

The Good

Two tracks that stand out on this EP are “Outside” and “Keep it moving”. Outside just feels different from the other tracks because it slips away from the Brooklyn inspired drill sound. It has a hype/turn up at a wild concert vibe. Lyon’s best lyrics are on this song and the beat is mixed perfectly. This song should be considered as the lead single. The title track “Keep it moving” sounds like UK Drill but it doesn’t feel like a copy and past. Unfortunately most new artists copy and paste sounds but Lyon doesn’t make that mistake, instead he produces a fantastic song.

The Bad

“Drift Squad” and “Rocks” were forgettable and did not pop like the aforementioned tracks. They weren’t bad but they weren’t memorable either. “Talk Like That” was very unique and could have flipped into a romantic track for the ladies. And finally “Pick and Choose” felt rushed and could have used better mixing. Guapo has a great verse and gives that E-40, Blueface and Suga Free flow, it’s awkward but it’s pure bars.

The Finale Take

Keep It Moving provides a great and digestible EP that has 6 songs which fit different ears. Maybe “Talk Like That” and “Drift Squad” fit your taste, maybe not. This mixtape is a great listen and worth your attention. If you’re a fan of Giggs, Pop Smoke and Travis Scott, I highly recommend you give this mixtape a listen.

Rating: 3.9/5

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