Why Kobe (and Gigi) mattered

Often times we forget, we forget a lot. Forgetful of people and moments in our lives that seem inconsequential or trivial. But there are people and moments we can not forget, namely…2 years ago on January 26th 2020 when a helicopter fell and killed Kobe Bean Bryant, Gigi Bryant and 11 others in Los Angeles. It was a sad day for the sports community and even more sad for the families of the victims. Why did it matter?

Because Kobe (and Gigi) mattered. The 11 other victims mattered too, and we must not forget them. Kobe mattered to a lot of people, a man that stood for hard work, dedication and an obsession with excellence. He wasn’t afraid. He had no fear and that is why he stood tall among a game of giants. He was not afraid of going his own way, often pushing women’s basketball when others would consider it boring or not worth the effort. He was such a fan of women’s basketball he coached his daughter’s team and was using the helicopter to transport her and her teammates to practice. He was not afraid to be a #GirlDad in the black community which lacks good fathers. He wasn’t afraid to push it to the limit. This man had no fear.

As we celebrate his life and the other victims that passed, Bytown blog wants to remind our readers to be fearless like the black mamba. Keep his spirit alive, because he (and Gigi) mattered.

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