Chief Sloly didn’t resign, he was fired

With the freedom convoy going on day 20 of it’s occupation of downtown Ottawa we have seen a lot. A small fringe minority, according to Prime Minister Trudeau, has erupted into an international movement against COVID-19 mandates and government dominance over the daily lives of citizens. It has become the Elites vs the People. Politicians like Erin O’Toole have been affected and now, Police Chief Peter Sloly has been fired resigned. Why?

Council, Councillors, Head Shot, Official, Portrait, Diane Deans

The main reason is because Diane Deans, the chair of the Ottawa Police Board forced him out because of his handling of the protesters. Was she right? Well, she recently got voted out of her position by her own colleagues. Why? Because she wanted to hire a former Waterloo Police Chief without any competition. This was clearly personal between Sloly and Deans which tells us about the corruption of the OPS. From the top to the bottom it is a filthy group full of corruption. Ask any black person about their thoughts on the service. Sloly mismanaged this occupation and created enemies in his own business. Deans was probably one of many that disapproved of his tactics.

But guess what? This ain’t new. The Ottawa Police Service has been known to racially profile, harass and even kill black people in this city. Before, during and probably after Sloly’s resignation. In 20 days the world watched as this trash organization got exposed, after they pushed for budget increases. Yes, Sloly is a black man and Bytown Blog prides itself on supporting black people…but we can’t support evil. Deans is part of this swamp and to see her leave is a good sign towards progress. Yes the truckers are disruptive but sometimes you need growing pains to reach the desired results. And what black folks want is a competent and fair police unit that makes them feel safe…not scared to live.

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