Veracity – EP review

R&B is a great genre of music that rarely gets the shine it deserves, especially modern R&B. Yes, it isn’t the golden era (90s and early 2000s) but there are some great artists putting out quality music. Truly K delivers her debut EP “Veracity” which offers a similar sound to modern R&B but stands out. Here is our review of the tape.

The Good

One thing that really stands out is the high production value of this tape. The mixing, the singing, the beats and everything in between is very very good. This tape was done in a professional studio with professional engineers and producers. “Like I Can” stands out as the best song on this tape because Truly K is loose and less calculated. The song is fun. “My Truth” also stands out as a deep introspective song, it sounds like a 2am, smoking some purp and sipping white wine type of song.

The Bad

At times it feels like Truly K is imitating Summer Walker or SZA and that can be seen in tracks like “Leave” or “Ferris Wheel”. This is okay because new artists are inspired by other great artists. The tape is short and that’s a good thing, less is more. “On My Own” felt like a repeat of “My Truth” which was a highlight of the tape. If that track was removed or slightly changed, this tape would be better.

The Final Take

This is a great debut and it leaves the listener wanting more, she did a great job of putting together modern R&B and putting in her own vibe. Some songs are too short, some are too long. There was some repetition and the length of some songs was questionable, but it is a good tape.


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