Réginald is creating for the community

A major part of black history month is highlighting positive images of black people, especially within our city. Today we highlight Réginald Gracia, the president of Hero Pro Painters an up and coming painting business in Ottawa. Check out his story and support local.

Bytown Blog: What inspired you to start this business?

Réginald Gracia: First and foremost, I wanted to create a business that creates jobs and services for the community with passion, dedication and purpose. I want to be a difference maker in the construction industry within the Ottawa Valley Area.

I will add that I wanted to utilize the business skilled I learned over the years via previous employers and my last business venture as a franchise owner.

Lastly, I would say that i wanted to tap into my network that I built over the years with the wonderful people I had meet in the Nation’s Capital.

BTB: How has your work changed/evolved since you started?

Réginald looking fresh.

R.G. : We are now paperless, everything is done online to avoid pollution (cutting trees). We want to give back to the community (community is everything for us) without the support of the broader community we are nothing. We plan to donate meals to those in need.

We also offer finishing services like flooring, trim installation and decorative walls. Another win for us…we have doubled our team since we started!!!

BTB: What are your future goals for Hero Pro Painters? Anything we should look out for?

R.G. : We want to be a company that gives back to the community and we want to have the best quality and customer service in our industry. We want awards for our service. Look out Ottawa 😉 !

BTB: What advice do you have for small business owners?

R.G. : Work hard and focus on your customers! Rome wasn’t built in 1 day.

Support Hero Pro Painters by checking their website and email them if you’re interested.

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