LJ is making boss moves

Today we profile local artist and entrepreneur The LJ as he discusses his hunger to be more than an artist His story is inspirational and worth an artist profile, maybe he can inspire you.

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Bytown Blog: What inspired you to make music and become an artist?

The LJ: I had been playing instruments and singing since I was young but what really sparked my hunger to become a recording artist was when 50 Cent dropped “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”. That’s when I went and cracked a copy of “cool edit pro” and started making music. I never looked back from then and now I am the owner of Ottawa’s most popular hip hop studio.

50 Cent one of LJ’s inspirations

How has your work changed and evolved over the years?

When I first started, I was heavily pen-game oriented and focused strictly on rapping, metaphors and straight bars. Over time, I started embracing other forms of music, especially the south. I had so many ties with people from the south like Atlanta and North Carolina so it felt intuitive. Nowadays, you’ll hear a mix of all kinds of different influences I picked up from living internationally and from the types of music I find attractive.

What are your future goals musically and personally?

Musically, my goal is to become a powerful A&R for a major or for my own indie label that will find the next A-List artist. I want to find the next Rihanna or Bieber. With my executive production skills and deep experience in crafting hit records and albums I will be able to turn a prospective artist into a hit making machine! I want to make the best use of these golden ears that God has was blessed me with. Personally my goal is to have several businesses in all kinds of industries from small to large. I want to utilize that power and put it in the hands of more people. I also want to get into building schools and foundations to support people back home in Africa.

My goal is to become a powerful A&R for a major or for my own indie label
LJ wants to find the next Bieber

Your favorite and least favorite song/mixtape (from yourself or the general music scene)

My favorite song coming out is either Black Widow or One Life, both bring some lush catchy bangers that have a lot of repeat value. I have so much music I am eager to share with the world. It’s been a roller coaster getting to where we are. At this point, we are locked in for life and we gon ride this wave out.

Any heat coming up? For yourself?

I have 30-50 songs coming out this year and they all slap. I’m excited to give the fans a catalogue to run through, to live and grow with the fans.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss music.

Support LJ by checking out his Instagram and his music studio right here.

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