Best chicken sandwich in the city? – No Forks Given (review)

No Forks Given is a new-ish dive bar in Sandy Hill, so it’s surprising when they have the best chicken sandwich in Ottawa. Here is our review of this spot at 191 Somerset Street East.

  1. Food

They market themselves as “the best burger joint in the city” but we have never tried their burgers. Their chicken sandwich (it’s called “Spicy Chicken Burger” on the menu) is so good. The breaded chicken tender with creamy coleslaw, pickles and frank’s hot sauce makes it amazing. We can not recommend this enough. The poutine is regular and standard but this location is made for chicken.

2. Drinks

Standard pints and standard drink selections. Nothing big to mention. Their Belgian Moon is smooth and very good.

3. Service

Nothing spectacular, the servers are nice and the service is quick. Since this is a new resto, it is rarely packed and that means the service is quick.

Final Score: 9/10

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