Metro Metro was the perfect start to summer 2022

Last week in Montreal the 2nd annual Metro Metro hip hop festival took place at Stade Olympique (4545 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave). A big time concert with many A-List hip hop acts. It was the perfect start to summer 2022 but it had some issues. Here is our review of Metro Metro 2022:

The Good

Drake. Yes that’s the one word sentence, Drake. Most people heard about this festival because Drake made a surprise appearance on saturday during Lil Baby’s set. But this event was more than the Toronto Icon, Metro Metro had amazing acts like DaBaby, Don Toliver and Sheck Wes who shook up the stage. French artists like Loud, Niska and Capitaine Gaza gave the french crowd an amazing show. The highlight of this 3 day event was saturday night, but Sunday also gave some flavor to this post-pandemic festival.

The Bad

The last minute changes and inconsistent DJ’s was terrible. Young Thug was supposed to close out friday’s show but he got arrested on RICO charges. Tory Lanez and Trippie Redd took his spot but they did not provide great sets. Playboi Carti was supposed to close out the festival but 50 Cent took his place. These last minute changes made this festival weak. The DJs under performed, at times the festival had 0 music and attendees were bored. Some left early and unsatisfied. Line ups and security was terrible, a lot of people ran into the event and the line ups were full especially on saturday. Some people waited for 2 hours to enter, it was trash.

The Final Take

This festival was good, not great but it was good. Like most new events…it is not perfect but has a lot of potential. Let’s find out if 2023 will be better (or worse).

7/10 or 2.8/5

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