Why DMX mattered…

When Dark Man X passed away on friday April 9th 2021 the world froze…and it didn’t freeze in happiness…no it was a sad cold. The saddest type where the world realized what we lost, a great man. Not just a great artist…or rapper…or actor…no, a great man. Sadly in our society we focus on the worst things FIRST…this is why after Earl Simmons died, there was a quick call to cancel him for homophobic lyrics. Why? Because our society is backwards, another great reason DMX mattered, he was different. He was reminiscent of the past, the 90s and early 2000s when things were more authentic. Where being different was praised and being brave was rewarded.

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“I Care A Lot” was…chilling

Remember “The Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix? What if it wasn’t a comic book movie but about a pretty, narcissistic, smart woman who will stop at nothing to get money and revenge? It wouldn’t be called Joker, it would be called “I Care A Lot”. Here’s the good, bad and final take.

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Insecure was…very very secure – Season 1 review

Yes, this show was very very secure and why do I say that? Because of how phenomenal it was…here is the spoiler free review, the good, the bad and the final take.

The Good

90% of it. Done.

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Coming 2 America was…disappointing at best

Guess what? Another sequel fails to live up to the original, who would have thought. This was not a good movie but for reasons you would not expect. Here is the good, the bad and the final take.

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From King to a God – Album review

Writer: Frank B ( @youngkarlkani )

On one of the year end wrap up episodes of the Joe Budden Podcast, the On Top Music artist mentioned how the year 2020 in hip hop had been the year of underdogs in terms of of musical releases.  And no artist encapsulates that more than Conway the Machine (and the Griselda camp at large).  Fresh off two dope collaborative EPs with two of most active producers around  (LULU with Alchemist and No One Mourns the Wicked with Big Ghost Ltd) and song-stealing guest appearances on Freddie Gibbs and Royce da 5’9’s Grammy-nominated albums in first half of the year,  Conway capped of his 2020 with the release of his solo album titled From King to a God. 

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