Covid Restrictions and Ottawa

As most of us know…the “Stay at home” order has been extended for another week, here at Bytown Blog we support the city and more specifically small businesses. Someone once called Ottawa “the biggest small town” and that rings true, we have a lot of small local business that are impacted by this pandemic. Is this good or bad? Only time will tell, the canal is open and this is a perfect time to actually go out and skate on the world’s longest skating rink.

Let’s cherish these moments and keep moving forward, because this time will pass. Let’s show love and support in these hard times, let’s be different! That’s the challenge Bytown Blog is giving you today.

Black History Month…is not enough

Here at Bytown Blog we talk about Ottawa, we cover food, culture and news in the city from a black lens. Yes our city is multi-cultural and prominently white but our goal is to build bridges instead of fences, bringing the city together. Black History Month is important to us, but at the same time we realize that it isn’t enough for our black brothers and sisters. Yes, it’s great to celebrate the Black Canadian experience but we have to realize that it is not just one month to reflect on such things, we have to be conscious of this year-round.

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Court side Karen, LeBron and Ottawa?

Yes the title is strange, but for those who are unaware there was a rowdy white woman (Court side Karen) that was kicked out of a basketball game for disrespecting LeBron James during a Los Angles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks game. She claimed to be defending her husband who has a deep hatred for LeBron. Yes this meme came to mind:

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Show love first!

In this city we have a culture of hate, someone once said that Ottawa is a small big city or a big small city. That means that Bytown is small and big at the same time, which means the love (and hate) is big and small. So what is our choice, to keep the cycle of hate and disrespect? Nope, that’s not the Bytown blog principle, we show love first and critique later. Show love first, always.

OT’s hip hop scene is moving up

A few days ago a popular hip hop instagram account asked “is Ottawa’s hip hop scene better than Montreal”? Good question. The answer is Yes. One thing we have to acknowledge is the amount of fire coming out of this city, and that’s what Bytown Blog is about. Showcasing and putting the city on!

Who will we profile first? Stay tuned. 😉

*feature picture provided by Ottawa Citizen/Post media*

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