OT’s hip hop scene is moving up

A few days ago a popular hip hop instagram account asked “is Ottawa’s hip hop scene better than Montreal”? Good question. The answer is Yes. One thing we have to acknowledge is the amount of fire coming out of this city, and that’s what Bytown Blog is about. Showcasing and putting the city on!

Who will we profile first? Stay tuned. 😉

*feature picture provided by Ottawa Citizen/Post media*

Martin Luther King…and Ottawa?

Strange title….I know but let’s get into it. Today is Martin Luther King day and the Mayor of Ottawa released a statement about MLK day, I didn’t read it because Jim Watson has been inconsistent about MLK’s core message. Civil rights for oppressed black people, and as a black man in Ottawa, it feels disingenuous. But what is the real connection with MLK and Ottawa? As our city grows we have to recognize that Dr. King’s vision is becoming a reality, we are incredibly multi-cultural especially our young people. Ottawa is the nations capital and it makes me happy to see the rise of black people in such a powerful city. If King was alive he would be proud of the progress being achieved…but he also would be disappointed.

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Victim mindset

One word Bytown Blog wants to push in 2021 is Accountability. Be accountable for every good and bad thing in life. Only you are responsible for the Good and Bad. It’s a powerful mindset because it ends the victim mindset. Here we don’t do the victim mindset, we do the VICTORY mindset and that’s how we create real change. No one should help you, YOU should help yourself! Real movement, today, tomorrow and forever. 💯

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