bEastside POST-SHOW review

As some of you know, Bytown Blog celebrated it’s first official event…the bEastside show!!! A showcase of rap artists from the east of Ottawa hosted by Big Baby J aka Big Steppa aka JL in collaboration with Lightskin Liv. This show was great because it was able to display the Urban acts of the east and give newer artists the opportunity to present their talents to a small intimate audience.

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Scarface is EXACTLY what we want

When it comes to classic movies and timeless cinema, very few movies compare to Scarface. We can easily talk about Al Pacino’s acting but that is not the highlight here…there are many highs (and a few lows) that make this movie exactly what we want and need. Here is the good, the bad and the final take.

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Artist Profile – WLFKT

One of the best things about the “Artist profile” series is seeing and learning about unique artists in the city…today we profile WLFKT (WolfKat). A different voice but one that HAS to be profiled. Check him out on IG, Apple Music and feel free to support the blog by donating here. Any amount is appreciated 🙂

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Bluesfest and City Folk return…but you need to be fully vaxxed

Similar to Escapade music festival…Bluesfest and City Folk are proceeding this fall but you MUST be fully vaxxed. September 16-18 for Bluesfest and September 23-25 for City Folk and they will both be at Landsdown Park with a limit of 5,000 attendees per night. Bytown blog supports live music because it is important for the culture of Ottawa, we are looking forward to these mini festivals coming back to our city after 2 years of a pandemic.

Beyond Van Gogh was…overrated

The weekend is upon us and most of you are interested in going out for the last few weekends of summer, most people from Ottawa have heard of the Van Gogh exhibition at Landsdown park. But was it good? Bad? Nope, it was neither…it was over hyped…here’s why:

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