Artist Profile: Pe$o Ferb

Bytown blog is here to represent the city, with a large emphasis on the east side. Th artist profile covers Pe$o Ferb who recently opened his record label Green Melon Records. Check him out on Youtube, Instagram and his label. They are signing new Ottawa based artists. Your support matters, you are the engine that keeps us moving, donate to Bytown blog here 🙂 ! Introducing…east side OG Pe$o Ferb:

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Ottawa Police prove that they STILL racially profile!!!

Popular Ottawa rapper TwoTiime was shooting a video for “Did A Lot” a good track which was shot in the west end of the city. Like most rap videos it had his crew and of course it was black boys/men. Ottawa (and Canada in general) has this misguided opinion that we are in a racial utopia, a melting pot of racial diversity and inclusion. In practice, black people know that this is a lie. In practice, native people know this is a lie. In practice, most immigrants know that this is a lie.

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