Why SOME black folks support the Freedom Convoy Protests

As some of you know, there is a trucker protest happening in Ottawa, Canada based on government restrictions for covid-19. I am Big J the editor-in-chief and founder of Bytown Blog. I went to the protests and asked myself…”why aren’t there more black folks?” First and foremost…black people are typically vaccine hesitant based on the history of medical racism and we are typically in low income areas that experienced the worst side of this pandemic. Yes, it was -30 most of the weekend and yes there were reports of some white supremacists but was that the truth. In short….yes and no.

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Why Kobe (and Gigi) mattered

Often times we forget, we forget a lot. Forgetful of people and moments in our lives that seem inconsequential or trivial. But there are people and moments we can not forget, namely…2 years ago on January 26th 2020 when a helicopter fell and killed Kobe Bean Bryant, Gigi Bryant and 11 others in Los Angeles. It was a sad day for the sports community and even more sad for the families of the victims. Why did it matter?

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Elle Spina is thinking outside the box!

As Ottawa’s music scene grows, often times we focus on hip hop but the R&B scene is growing. Elle Spina is one of the talented new comers in this scene. As she prepares for her first single in 2 years named “Series Finale” here is our artist profile of this multi-talented songstress.

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Black folks and Ontario jab mandates

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches to new lengths and new variants are discovered, we have to ask ourselves: how does this affect Black people? And more specifically, Black people in Ottawa. There has been a lot of speculation suggesting  that Black people are hesitant about taking the vaccine.

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6 Ottawa Creatives You Should Be Paying Attention To

By Bernie Gracieuse

Ottawa is commonly given the reputation for being a ‘boring government city’, and we have heard it many times. However, in the last couple of years we have seen many creatives excelling in their craft and bringing positive attention to the city. Here is a list of six creatives (from all various mediums) that I have been following for a few years now: 

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