The Team!

Big J

Founder & CEO

J is a writer, photographer and youtuber living in Ottawa, Ontario. He is the founder and head writer at Bytown Blog with a heavy passion for the City of Ottawa! His ultimate goal is to uplift black voices in this city, empower black people and showcase this great capital.

Olivia Singaye

Events coordinator and Content strategist

Olivia is a passionate team member who excels at event planning, she is the primary contact on all things event related. A communications major and Public relations expert, she brings a unique perspective to Bytown blog especially with content strategy and vision.

Rashida Sofo

Editor and Writer

Rashida is a hard working editor of Bytown Blog, she is a new member that brings unique perspectives and immense value. Her passion for black topics and the city of Ottawa make her a perfect member of the Bytown team.

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