Insecure was…very very secure – Season 1 review

Yes, this show was very very secure and why do I say that? Because of how phenomenal it was…here is the spoiler free review, the good, the bad and the final take.

The Good

90% of it. Done.

Let’s start with the biggest win…the music on this show! I found myself going on Shazam to discover smooth R&B and some ratchet Rico Nasty rap. Whoever runs the music for this season deserves a raise. What makes music stand out is because it leads the audience and the story, which leads to the second highlight, the story telling. Unlike Coming 2 America, Insecure season one had a story that kept on building with characters that developed naturally. From Issa starting out frustrated in her relationship, Lawrence struggling in his career, Molly fumbling the dating game and their friends out shining them…you start this show on a rough note. But as the show progresses you see the main characters change, morally, emotionally and even physically.

The third highlight of this season is how relatable it is…yes I am a black man but I feel that this show goes beyond race. Similar to Sex and The City…the show has a niche audience but can be enjoyed by everyone because the situations are relatable. Annoying bosses, job hunting, break-ups, make ups, office politics, therapy, mid life crisis, bad friends, great friends, bad marriages and ex’s that always come back at the worst times…all of these things are relatable! They transcend gender and race.

The Bad

One of my biggest critiques for this season is the lack of development with secondary characters…Daniel, Kelli and Tiffany…I wish we had more of them. But maybe they pop up more in season 2 and 3 but they felt…lacking compared to the leads. Personally another 2 episodes would have worked. 8 episodes made the story feel a bit rushed but 10 would have been perfect to develop the secondary characters and set up the wild season finale.

Final Take

You shouldn’t be surprised when I give this a 5/5 because it is the closest to a perfect show. Another thing to note…a show that portrays black people in different situations with different personalities is refreshing in a world of tokenism and Tyler Perry. The Comedy-Drama genre is popular but it is usually not done right…but HBO did it again. Go watch this show…today!

One thought on “Insecure was…very very secure – Season 1 review

  1. Season 1 of Insecure was so good! It was so refreshing to see Black people in different situations with different personalities like you said! I’m so sad the series is ending (but you have 5 more seasons to go at least lol)! The character growth in each character is also really nice to see – it feels like you’re learning and growing and reflecting with them. Great article. I got the best Insecure mug online and it’s become my favourite, I got it at the Sistahwavy Shop: if anyone is interested!


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