Hub Shop is leading the way!

Ottawa is growing and has a lot of interesting industries that are popping up…one of the biggest is medical cannabis. Hub Shop is a start up that focuses on the medical benefits of cannabis, we were able to interview Ivan Hughes, the co-founder of this company. Here is his story:

Bytown Blog: What inspired you to create Hub Shop ?

Ivan Hughes: Our journey into medical cannabis started when my father went through Larynx Cancer Radiation treatment in 2017. This particular treatment came with extreme pain, despite being prescribed hydromorphone, a strong painkiller, both during and after treatment.

The pain was so bad that he was unable to resume work for 18 months afterwards. Shortly thereafter my mother introduced him to CBD and THC cannabinoids and their incredible ability to help with his sleep, appetite, inflammation and pain. My father, Richard, is happy to report that he is cancer-free and feeling like his normal self once again. Today, he works tirelessly to ensure that our patients can experience the benefits of medical cannabis.

How are you different from other brands?

Hub Shop is a family owned online medical cannabis marketplace that helps patience access their medicine quickly and safely. We have partnered with national medical cannabis clinic that provides care, education and support to over 15,000 active patients. We are committed to improving our patients lives, that is our number one focus and it is through this commitment we deliver superior products.

Why should customers chose Hub Shop over other brands?

Hub Shop provides a seamless online doctor-to-door treatment by virtual patient meetings with professional health practitioners so patients do not have to go to their family doctors. We listen to patient problems, provide medical solutions and educate people about medical cannabis. We also niche products which offers high quality medical cannabis.

What motivates you? And how does that impact your business?

It may sound cliche but improving peoples lives and helping people gets me out of bed everyday. There will always be a bigger house, more luxurious cars, newer clothes but those material truly doesn’t increase my happiness index. Moving houses so frequently has made me a minimalist. I do not like to collect material things, they are detrimental to my happiness. Making a positive impact in my community and knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life really motivates me. Starting a business is extremely hard but I realize that the mission to improve lives is bigger than me. Hub shop has that mission, one bud at a time! This mission has provided me grit to endure this ultra marathon journey of running a company.

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