3 Ottawa podcasts you should check out!!!

As Bytown Blog grows with our multi-media platforms we want to introduce our official podcast by our founder, The Big Broadcast ! A lighthearted entertainment Pod based on the City of Ottawa, current events in black culture, sports and politics. Be sure to check us out wherever you find podcasts. But also check out these 3 fresh creative Ottawa-based podcasts that follow the ethos of our platform. 

Conversationz For Dayz Podcast

Hosts Franky and Kalilo dive into many topics on the fun and education CFD Pod which combines Philosophy, Society, Culture and Psychology. It feels mature and grown but fun and spontaneous. On their recent episode about Love and Respect, they dive into a tough topic: Would you rather be loved or respected? It is a refreshing podcast in the Ottawa space and worth a listen. 

In My Heads Podcast 

Drea offers In My Heads podcast, a spontaneous free flowing stream of consciousness audio experience. In My Heads is the type of Pod that makes you think “damn this is a cool ass person” why? Because she makes it personal and funny. In her recent episode she spoke about the immigrant parent-child experience and how it factors into life decisions, her approach is fun and very interesting. Check her out on spotify! 

Down To the Wire

Down to the Wire podcast is a funny comedy podcast that covers current events in a lighthearted way. What stands out is their production value, they put in the work! The hosts cover sports and give a young male perspective on news items. We can describe them as the Barstool sports of Ottawa and they are worth a look. Peep their recent episode here

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