Peso Ferb wants to stand out

Part of Bytown Blog’s mission is promoting the artists in this vibrant city of Ottawa. We don’t pick specific sides, we try to represent all sides of the city. One of the hardest working true OGs of the rap game in Ottawa is Peso Ferb, a man that truly stands out:

Bytown Blog: What got you into music? Any inspirations?

Peso Ferb: Making a song from scratch is like an artist making a drawing from scratch. So I really fell in love with the creative side of music, that’s what really made me gravitate towards making music.

BTB: How has your work evolved over time?

PF: Over time I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with how I was sounding, so hearing the process and public feedback really helped me find my sound.

BTB: What are your future goals and aspirations

PF: I am currently working on a few things, I have my clothing brand, record label and so many other ideas. Hopefully this my team and I make it to the top along with my music.

BTB: What is your favorite song and/or album?

PF: My favorite album of all time is “Rolling Papers” by Wiz Khalifa! He inspired me a lot

Be sure to check out Peso Ferb’s most recent music video and Instagram for all updates on this talented artist.


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